Pressure Vacuum Sandblaster

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• Length: mt. 0,53
• Width: mt. 0,53
• Height: mt. 1,7
• Weight: kg. 83
• Power Supply Voltage: 220 V single-phase
• Installed Power: 1200 Watt
• Compressed air consumption at 7 bar: 850-1200 Lt./min.
• Sandblasting Cycle Duration: 25-30 minutes
• Width of the sandblasted surface: mm 35-40
• Falling time regenerated abrasive: 20-30 sec.
• Recommended Abrasive: 40-80 grit Corundum
• Max working distance (with corundum): 8 meters

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Pressure Vacuum Sandblaster with Total Abrasive Recycling

“Our Pressure Vacuum Sandblasters can be used to engrave glass, marble and granite with or without the usage of vinyl stencils.
They are equipped with an abrasive vacuum recycling system, and with a brush-headed gun, to sandblast and instantly recycle the abrasive ejected in a closed cycle.

They run dry and are mounted on a trolley.
They resolve completely the problems related to environmental impact and safety, by reducing the time for shielding the surface to be treated, eliminating problems related to the recycle of the abrasive.


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Dimensions170 × 53 × 53 cm


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