Micro sandblaster : Miniblast R Portable Sandblaster

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Included Equipment:

• Brush Head with 4mm nozzle
• Remote Control Handle
• 1100 W Vacuum;
• 4 Mt. Suction Hose;
• 4 Mt. Sand Blast Hose;
• Air Filter Connection (for a possible Hood);
• Sand Control Valve;
• Tank Capacity Lt. 15;
• Measures 30 Cm. x 40 Cm. x h=160 Cm.
• Empty Weight 45 Kg.”

Accessori Opzionali:
Lancia di 4 m con ugello di 3 mm in Widia

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Micro sandblaster : Portable Pressure Vacuum Sandblaster -Miniblast R

Sandblaster designed for on-site works, can be transported and used with 30 Lt./Min. compressors.
Portable, easy to use, light Sandblaster.



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